I’ll be honest, I really had no idea what registry cleaning was a month ago. My computer was sluggish and crashed often. I simply accepted this as what computers do as they age.

Then one day I ran across a free report called Registry Cleaning. This report introduced me to the world of registry cleaning. After cleaning out my registry using the recommended program, my computer began running like it was new again!

I had constantly reformatted and reinstalled Windows in attempts to keep my computer running well, and while this worked, it was temporary. Eventually my computer would revert to moving at a snail’s pace and even crashing occasionally.

It turns out that the problem wasn’t that it just happens, it was my registry. The Windows registry is a database of information in regards to the computer’s configuration. As you use your computer, this database fills with useless information.

The problem with attempting to manually clean the registry is that if you mess up a single object within the table, you could cause irreversible damage to the computer. The more reasonable suggestion is to use a program called a registry cleaner.

These programs will go through your registry and fix whatever is broken so that you don’t have to. Also, the chance of these programs causing any damage is very low, especially compared to doing it manually.

The free Registry Cleaning report is a must have for users looking to speed up their computers. This report explains how to go about cleaning your registry as well as explaining how the registry works.

Overall, this drastically improved the condition of my computer and I am greatly thankful for it. Registry Cleaning definitely gets two big thumbs up from me!

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