Are you trying to find new ways to generate an extra income stream? Are you trying to start your own online business? If you’ve answered YES to either of these internet marketing questions, you’ll want to read on.

There’s a virtually untapped money making opportunity just knocking on your door. You’ll be surprised to find out that in a niche which is very often overlooked, internet marketers are highly sought after by local offline businesses.

These small and medium local enterprises are just starting to realize that they need to make a presence online to stay competitive.

After all, most people these days search for everything online, from hairdressers to cinema listings. There truly isn’t a better place to advertise. The problem for most small business owners is that they don’t where to start.

Their job is running their businesses day-to-day and they don’t know much about internet marketing. Advertising and marketing their businesses online is foreign to them and overwhelming for most.

This is where you can offer your services. You have so much to offer local business owners with your local internet marketing skills. Offering services such as website building, blog building, traffic generation, classified advertising and the list goes on.

If you want to earn an income from this, you’ll need a plan in place. You’ll need a proven way to approach small and medium business owners. You’ll also need to know where to get the tools to set them up online so they’re marketable and can see value in your services.

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