Cleaning your Windows registry can return your computer to its former speed and make it run like new.

Many people notice that their computers slow down and become more frustrating to use as they get older and full of data. It’s a common misconception that your computer will run like new again if you reformat the hard-drive or re-install windows.

This is highly flawed information. The main reason that computers usually slow down is because the registry becomes clogged with redundant information and settings.

The Windows registry in your computer holds all the information about your computer’s configuration. It stores data relating to the name of each program you’ve installed, where it’s located on your hard-disk and other relevant data associated with each program.

As more and more programs are added to your PC, the registry soon fills up and becomes unmanageable for the processor. This causes everything to slow down.

Every time you install, uninstall and modify a program on your computer the registry collects data about it. After a while you need to clean out your registry or your PC may eventually grind to a halt.

The most effective way to clean out your registry is manually, one file at a time.

This can be time-consuming, really strenuous and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can literally crash your computer causing it to definitely need a re-install. You could loose all your files as well if you haven’t backed them up.

Take advantage of this free Registry Cleaning report. It explains how to go about cleaning your registry efficiently and what happens if it becomes corrupted. There’s also lots of other valuable information to help you increase the speed of your Windows PC.

So, remember, if your computer seems to be running extremely slowly, chances are it’s because of your oversized registry. Learn how to clean it quickly and efficiently by downloading this free report now.